World Erotic Art Museum offers a risqué experience in Miami

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Miami Beach: there is more to see than meets the eye!

Before you read on, this museum is only for 18-and-overs!

The second-largest erotic art collection in the world and the largest in the U.S. by far, Miami’s World Erotic Art Museum has plenty of history, culture, and nakedness to keep your eyebrows raised all day long. From stone to cloth, oil to ink, you can follow raunchy-yet-classy interpretations of the human body through over 12,000 square feet.

What else can you expect with sections labeled “Pin-Up,” “Fetish and Masturbation,” “Domination,” “Gay,” “Saloon Art,” “Chess,” “Lady Godiva,” and “Carved Bed”?

If you’re lucky, you’ll catch an exhibition involving surreal sex art, Rembrandt’s erotic etchings (through March 31st, 2012), or African fertility and divination artifacts (through October 17th, 2011). Check out the website for what’s up next. Pick up a cheeky book, poster, or replica of your favorite piece in the shop on your way out! And if you forget, you can browse the artistically-naughty merchandise online.

Whatever your own grandmother does in her spare time, it can’t possibly be as cool as what Naomi Wilzig does – that is, curate an erotic museum. The widow of Auschwitz-survivor and founder of the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. Siggi B. Wilzig, Naomi is also an author and activist. Her personal research library holds 250 volumes of erotic art.

As the co-curators say in their joint statement, “Sexual rationalism is a modern phenomenon. It depicts sex as an unremarkable, natural objective function. Erotica is a more subjective matter…”

The WEAM is on Washington Avenue in Miami Beach and can be reached by metro routes C, H, K, and W. For obvious reasons, photography is not allowed. It’s open from 11am to 10pm during the week and 11am to midnight on weekends. Admission is $13, $14, or $15 for students, seniors, and adults, respectively. The museum happily makes itself available for bachelorette, birthday, and corporate parties.

- Natalie Grant

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