All of us at Viator are passionate travelers, constantly looking for new tours and activities for us all to enjoy. With nearly 9,000+ events, tours and activities, 750+ destinations in 150+ countries worldwide, Viator is the traveler’s one-stop-shop for researching, planning, and booking destination activities that meet a wide range of travel tastes and preferences. Viator offers something for everyone, from the traditional excursion to the extreme adventure… and everything in between.

And because we are all travelers, if we’re not currently on a trip we are either returning from the last one or planning for the next one! So we know how important local information and advice are. These are what make the difference between just visiting a place and truly living a local experience.

Viator already offers great travel advice on a global scale, but we also understand the importance of providing travelers with up-to-date news and insights specific to their destination. With that in mind, we created Viator Things to Do | Local Experts – Local Insights – Local Experiences, a series of travel blogs that engage travelers like you at the local level, both those living in these destinations and those planning visits there. Information from these blogs is also posted across social media channels Facebook and Twitter, giving travelers even more ways to gain insider knowledge imparted from Viator’s global network of guides and freelancers. “Like” us on Facebook and “Follow” us on Twitter now to get access to news on local happenings, festivals, activities, attractions and more!

As we know travel is a never-ending journey, feel free to check out our other Viator Things to Do blogs for more local travel insights – we currently have over 30 Local Experts – Local Insights – Local Experiences blogs, and more to come.

Welcome aboard, your voyage is about to start!