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Indiana Jones is back, at the Montreal Science Centre - Photo courtesy of Montreal Tourism

Who among us hasn’t fantasized about replacing a golden idol with a bag of sand; deftly avoiding native booby traps; using a whip to escape from Nazis; traipsing around places like the Amazon, Venice, Nepal, and Jerusalem; rescuing our partners from spitting Cobras; and holding the Holy Grail in our hands while a 700-year-old Knight says, “You have chosen… wisely”?

From April 28th to September 18th, family-friendly “Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology” will take place at the Montreal Science Centre in Old Montreal as part of a traveling worldwide exhibition.

How much of the film was fictional and how much was based on what we believe to be historical fact? On this interactive tour, you can discover the fascinating history of the locations addressed in the film – not to mention the props and accessories from the film sets themselves, on loan from the Lucasfilm Archives – and see real archeological artifacts related to Indy’s travels. The latter are on loan from both the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology and Anthropology (Penn Museum) and the exhibit’s global presenting partner, the National Geographic Society, which has provided its own artifacts as well as photos and videos.

The exhibit runs from 10am-9pm Monday to Saturday and 10am-6pm Sunday. Admission is $23 for adults, $20 for teens (13-17), and $13.50 for kids (4-12). Family tickets and discounted additional child tickets also available. Groups depart in fifteen minute intervals but space may be limited, so patrons are asked to purchase tickets online.

Permanent exhibitions at the Montreal Science Centre include Mission Gaia, where you can come up with solutions to some of the current threats to mankind; idTV, where you can create your own news report, including recording and editing; and Imagine!, where you can explore the possibilities of the future.

-Natalie Grant

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