Romantic Things to Do in Marrakech

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For a truly romantic twist on your holiday, Marrakech offers loads of great options from its historic infrastructure, to tranquil restaurants, exotic palm groves and bazaars that are sure to make for an exciting time in one of Arabia’s most sought after destinations.

With a number of great modern amenities, take to one of the various hammams and spas for either a good old fashioned massage or get facials and skin treatments. Since bathhouses are all over the place, we recommend going to one of the resorts for your treatment as local spas can be a bit tough and offer far less services.

Majorelle Gardens photo courtesy of mwanasimba on Flikr

Majorelle Gardens photo courtesy of mwanasimba on Flikr

A lovely and quiet occasion, one can arrange for a private viewing of the Majorelle Gardens—a spectacular garden groomed and maintained by a local fashion designer. In it, you will discover fantastic water lilies, as well as bamboo groves and rare bird life. Inside is also the Islamic Art Museum of Marrakech, which features work from regional artists including paintings and ceramics.

As the day winds down, hop into a hot-air balloon for Marrakech’s famous sunset. Lots of hotels and travel agents can easily set this up for you and it’s a fabulous way to escape from the town and enjoy a private moment with a loved one as you soar over the cityscape in view of the stunning Atlas Mountains.

Finally, head over to the DJemaa El Fna area, where you and a loved one can experience together a plethora of fun local traditions, including local foods, dancing and snake charming. Here you will also find great Gnawa musicians here and if you wish, there are also fortune tellers.

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