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Bikes in Munich, Germany

Bikes in Munich, Germany

Biking, no matter the location, is a great way to see your host city. You get yourself outdoors, get some fun exercise and don’t ever worry about traffic, the hassle of public transportation, or parking. So it’s pretty widely-regarded in the worldwide traveling community that if a city is a nice venue for biking, it’s a must-do.

Luckily enough, Munich is a great biking town with plenty of exciting routes for the regular commuter and tourist alike. With many wide-open parks, a royal city center, elegant plazas and the occasional beer garden, Munich is a city to experience with the wind in your face. Interested in where the great tap water comes from? Consider taking the M-Water Trail bike route to navigate the serpentine roads in an adventure that will lead you through history and the exciting, fast-paced roads of inner and outer Munich.

Another great option (and one that is pretty popular in many cities throughout Europe) is a Munich Bike Tour, which offers tourists a chance to bike along the winding cobbled alleyways into Munich’s heartland. Here, you’ll receive a three-hour tour of Munich which includes Royal Munich, the Chinese Tower beer garden, a trip along river Isar (which, if you’re lucky, you might catch some brave souls surfing) and a whole bevy of historical facts about your host city.

Whatever you choose, Munich is a vibrant and accessible city, known for its many cafes, its open-aired feel, and the lush city parks that seem to crop up around every corner. If you’re thinking about taking a bike ride, it certainly is a beautiful day.

- Hudson Hornick

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