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Celebrities have made their mark in Rotterdamn!
- photo courtesy of Salim Virji via Wikimedia Commons

I suppose it had to happen. Europe now has a Walk of Fame in an attempt to match that of Hollywood. And just like the one in LA, this walk in Rotterdam is becoming a popular tourist attraction.

They’ve been clever, mixing lots of European and Dutch stars with a smattering of international names, hands, feet and signatures. So you’ll find Tina Turner and Brian Adams and Vanessa Williams have made their mark, alongside people you’ve probably never heard of, but who have clusters of European tourists gathered around their plaque, hoping their hands or feet will fit the imprints left in concrete.

It’s a little like watching modern day Cinderellas – I’m just not sure what the prize is. Perhaps you should get to meet the person who is your hand or foot double. Then again, maybe just a photo of you and the dream of what might have been will have to suffice.

Currently the walk is quite close to the port area on the edge of the city center, near the Maritime Museum and Erasmus Bridge, easily accessible by tram and well lit at night. But because it’s been so popular, they’ve decided to move some of the tiles closer to the busy hub of town, near the Zuidplein Mall. 50 of 200 celebrities will make the cut. Was there Oscars’ style lobbying to try and get on that list? Also, you can adopt a star and get your name plaque next to theirs. You don’t get to leave your hand print though, although perhaps you could sneak in a fingerprint on the shiny metal surface.

-Philippa Burne

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