Cooking Classes in New Delhi

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A sampling of Delhi foods.

The rich spices and bold flavors of Indian cuisine have become popular throughout the world, and for good reason. One of New Delhi’s best offerings is its food, whether in fine dining establishments or from modest street vendors. Taking cooking classes in New Delhi allows you to take the flavors of India home with you.

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Indian food is largely regional, and what you eat in Delhi will look completely different than in Goa or Kerala. When learning to cook Indian food in Delhi, you’ll be learning the dishes most similar to the food served in Western Indian restaurants. Expect to prepare full-bodied curries, a savory lentil dish known as dal and some form of Indian bread, like naan or chapati, used to scoop up your food and wipe those last remnants of curry off your plate.

Cooking classes range from a few short hours to several days, depending on how much you want to learn. Hands-on classes often take place within an Indian family’s home, so you’ll be learning to prepare food exactly like the locals do. You’ll also learn about prominent ingredients used in North Indian food and what to look for when you shop for them back at home.

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