Film Festival in the Hollywood of the South

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Discover the Hollywood of the South at the New Orleans Film Festival
- photo courtesy of Justin Watt via Creative Commons

Headed down south? Well I doubt you’ve heard of New Orleans being referred to as “Hollywood of the South,” but the moniker is well deserved. Seems like every other month someone is shooting a movie here or there. No one can really say why, but it is true that the South holds a certain allure to both folks who live there and those that only read about it. There must just be something about the cypress trees, the Spanish moss, the large antebellum oaks and the briny saltwater floating in off the gulf to put a certain poignant Southern something into the air.

So this October 14th through the 20th, the marshals of the New Orleans Film Festival (or NOFF as it’s locally known) decided to kick off the festival’s 22nd year of production and usher in the next wave of southern film making. As a city that knows art well enough, the various cinemas around town will be throwing their doors open in an effort to commemorate not just all that makes Louisiana special, but all the talented filmmakers that also reside in the deep South. The NOFF will be awarding prizes to the winning filmmaker in multiple categories, as well as to two Louisiana filmmakers. They will also be handing out Audience Awards for Best Narrative Feature and Best Documentary Feature.

Last year’s festival drew over 10,000 people and this year the NOFF aim to make it even more. It’s an often overlooked segment of southern art – filmmaking, that is—and here’s a perfect time to catch more of a glimpse of it. Keep an eye on the Times Picayune for further details and showcasings.


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  1. Joe K Says:

    It looks like it’s going to be another successful year. What are some of the winning films in the years past?


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