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new orleans d day museum

Display at the New Orleans D-Day Museum - photo courtesy of Chris Waits via Flickr

Though the phrase “D-Day” might not connote the best images when it first comes to mind, the New Orleans D-Day Museum is actually a good time to be had by all and might change that notion for you in the long run. A great place for anyone, be it a history buff, kids fond of planes, tanks, and movies, or just the average Joe, the D-Day museum is rife with history and entertainment for any and all interested parties.

Founded by noted writer and historian Stephen Ambrose, the museum presents the history of the second World War, the tools used during the battles there-engaged, and an entertaining venue for those who attend any of the exhibits.  Photographs, videos, first-person accounts, and real-world antiques make the exhibits come to life. Another attraction not to miss is The Malcolm S. Forbes Theater where two alternating films focus on the D-Day invasions at Normandy and the efforts to win the Pacific.

On display and readily available for visitors include a Sherman Tank, jeeps used in the war effort, and a fully restored C-47. In addition, a special exhibit is on display to showcase the importance of the Higgins Landing Craft that proved instrumental to the Allies winning the war. Dwight Eisenhower himself is known to have remarked on their efficacy, and more than 20,000 of the boats were designed and built for the war right here in New Orleans.

So if a day of good food, good entertainment, and a bit of history entice you, head on over to 945 Magazine Street, just off the 1-10. The 300 million dollar expansion is sure to make a good day out of your time in New Orleans.


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