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New Orleans isn’t always thought of as a fashion capitol. But you’d be surprised. After the urban renewal that’s weeping the area post-Katrina, many educated youths are returning to their beloved New Orleans and bringing with them a new look on sultry sub-tropic looks.

Fashion Week begins this Wednesday and every Wednesday through the month of August, you can sip cocktails, munch on hours-de-oeuvres, and soak up the latest fashions at Twist, the bar inside the Lafayette Hotel at Lafayette Square.

Fashion with a Twist - Photo courtesy of Go NOLA

Twist bar tries to liven it up a bit with specialty cocktails to match what the various designers you’ll be seeing decide to display. You’ll also get a chance to meet some of the team which made fashion week happen in the first place. Imagine, you’ll be rubbing elbows with the South-Coast fashion elite! In all reality these people are very down to earth, but it’s hard to imagine a better Wednesday night than staying up on the emerging fashion trends, meeting elite locals and having a good cocktail while you’re at it.

Get down there for me and enjoy it!

- Hudson

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