Thanksgiving in New Orleans

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Find deep-fried turkey in New Orleans this Thanksgiving
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Thanksgiving is widely known to be a heavily traveled day, and for most of us, this means heading back home to the ones that love us. Some, however, choose to take an alternate route and head off and explore the wilds of someplace new. If this means you’ve wound up in New Orleans for Thanksgiving, be not homesick – there are plenty of good eats in this town to stave off any Thanksgiving Day woes.

No one cares more for good eating than the New Orleanians, so if you’re looking for a good place to grab some turkey, you have literally dozens of options available (Palace Café at 605 Canal St, for one). But why not venture out and try something a little less traditional? After all, you’re on vacation, right?

New Orleans is the original home to the now-famous Turducken, which, for those of you who don’ t know, is a duck cooked in a chicken cooked in a turkey. A Cajun specialty to be sure. These can be found on many a menu, but a common favorite is Copeland’s (several locations throughout town). But as with many holiday-menu items, it’s probably best to call ahead.

An alternative is a deep-fried turkey, in which chefs roast some peanut oil and set their choice bird down into its bubbly depths along with a variety of spices. Your best option here is Willie Mae’s Scotch House, famous for their fried chicken, but come Thanksgiving, it’s all about Turkey Time. Be on the lookout for those uniquely Cajun stuffings too! Cornbread, oysters, shrimp and Creole pork, just to name a few.


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