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Of the millions of visitors passing through New York City, most consider the World Trade Center site as near the top – if not on top altogether – of their ‘must-see’ list. This September (September 11, 2012 being the target date), the 9/11 Memorial Museum will finally open, allowing patrons to get much closer, emotionally, to the event than just snapping a photo of where the Twin Towers used to be.

NYC 9/11 Memorial

Reflecting pool at 9/11 Memorial with names of those who died inscribed around it

Exhibits Reflect Many Facets of 9/11

With 110,000 square feet over which to spread out, the exhibitions will be numerous and personal – every victim’s name will be honored. In fact, it’s not just to recognize the 9/11 attacks, but also the bombing in February of 1993.

Pieces of the former towers’ foundation will be on display, as well as the “Survivors’ Stairs” (the stairs down which hundreds of people fled on Vesey Street to escape the attack).

The Historical Exhibition will include the day’s precise events, along with the events leading up to it and occurring in its aftermath – especially a reflection on how we view its significance in a post-9/11 world. The more personal Memorial Exhibition will have artifact cases, photos, interactive tables and quiet remembrance spaces.

The 9/11 Memorial permanent collection continues to grow and includes audio tapes, personal effects, diaries, workplace memorabilia, clothing, letters and other items. Lastly, the West Chamber will display a surviving retaining wall (the “slurry wall”) and the “Last Column” on which rescue workers and loved ones put missing posters and memorial inscriptions during the recovery effort.

Preserving Memory and Meaning

In the words of the museum’s mission statement, the ultimate goal is to acknowledge “the triumph of human dignity over human depravity.”

Interested in the portion of the 9/11 Memorial that is already open to the public (with a reservation)? The FAQ will tell you more. Consider donating more than just a future visit – get involved, sponsor a cobblestone, or learn more about the project!

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- Natalie Grant

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