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You may not find the Fountain of Youth here, as was once promised to European explorers, but the DeLeon Springs are a great place to bring the family for a sunny day out. Named after Spanish treasure-seeker Ponce DeLeon, the waters are home to a mill with a 100-ft waterwheel that was originally used to crush sugar cane somewhere around two-hundred years ago; later, it fed confederate troops during the Civil War by grinding corn.

The Old Sugar Mill in DeLeon Springs State Park - The Planet DeLand Encounter's State Park

The most memorable part of your visit will be to the Old Spanish Sugar Mill, where, believe it or not, you can grill your own pancakes. Pitchers of batter are brought to the tables – each has its own griddle – and Mom or Dad can do the flipping! Flavors include blueberry, banana, chocolate, peanut butter, nuts, and apple. You can also order breakfast sides like bacon and eggs, sandwiches, or salads for a bit extra.

Afterward, you can work off those brekkie carbs by kayaking or canoeing through the Woodruff Federal Wildlife Refuge. Keep an eye out for manatees and alligators!

DeLeon Springs State Park is about an hour north of Orlando. Griddle opportunities cost $4.50 per person and close at 4pm. Admission to the park itself is separate and runs on a per-car basis at $6.

- Natalie Grant

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