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Brickley at LEGO Imagination Center

Brickley at LEGO Imagination Center. Photo credit: daryl_mitchell via Flickr.

So we all know that the theme parks in Orlando have a certain draw for us all. Who wouldn’t want to spend their days on exhilarating rides or seeing behind-the-scenes glimpses into how our favorite movies or made? Or better yet, playing in a water park under the hot summer sun? All speak of the good times that are ready-and-waiting for you in Orlando, but if you’re not only looking at the amusement parks, but are also looking at your wallet, here are a couple of Orlando budget activities.

If you want to get a little taste of Disney, but want to avoid the high ticket price (and the majority of the lines too), consider heading over to Downtown Disney. This is still Disney and kids can dance with Mickey and Minnie, as well as playing in LEGO Imagination Center without actually buying anything. Pretty nice. The area itself is really a bar, restaurant, shopping area, but cheap eats can be found here and you’ll still feel you got a sense of the bigger park without all the hubbub.

Visiting a nearby beach or state park is also a really good idea. People often get caught up in the glitz and glamour of their chosen resort and forget that nature provided the first amusement park in Orlando’s back yard. The beaches here are white sand, unpolluted, and the water is warm. The Everglades are also nearby, but the closest state park to Orlando is Wekiva Springs State Park (about 30 miles out), and boasts boat rides, swamp hikes, and the opportunity to see alligator-laden waters, along with the natural abundance of other local wildlife.

Hit the pool. If the water park is too much for the budget, a cheap hotel will probably also offer an excellent pool selection if care is taken while searching for the right accommodation choice.

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