The Blue Man Group

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Blue Man Group

Showtime! - Photo courtesy of Anirudh Koul via Flickr

What exactly is the famous Blue Man Group? Well, it’s a trio that performs a mishmash of art, music, color, and fun that will stimulate all your senses and take you to a strange world of rhythm and design.

The original three members’ off-Broadway show won several awards in the early 90’s, and their style and ‘blue’ persona evolved with the concept’s growing popularity. They’ve guest starred on Scrubs and were involved in a hilarious storyline on Arrested Development. They’ve collaborated with Bush frontman (and Gwen Stefani hubby) Gavin Rossdale, as well as Dave Matthews.

The Blue Man Group has been playing at the Sharp AQUOS Theater in the Universal Orlando Resort since summer of 2007. You can also catch them (not the original three actors, of course, who no longer do regular showings) in NYC, Las Vegas, Boston, and Chicago; international venue locations include Tokyo, Berlin, and on the Norwegian Epic Cruise.

The appeal is that it truly caters to a wide audience; tech-lovers will appreciate the cutting edge effects, artists will be mystified by the multiple mediums, and families will be entertained by the unpredictability and high production value. What’s more, heavy themes and motifs – like the deconstruction of social norms, pervasiveness of the information age, and relationship between art and life – are present in much of the show and are available for pondering if one chooses to contextualize the scenes… but sometimes it’s just as fun to watch the flashing lights and lose yourself in performance art!

 -Natalie Grant

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