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Halloween in Paris! Photo courtesy of esyckr on Flickr

Halloween in Paris! Photo courtesy of esyckr on Flickr

Starting this week in Paris, you’ll see something that’s fairly new to Parisians: Halloween! That’s right, the City of Light has embraced this most American of holidays, but of course they do it in their inimitable way.

You won’t see the mountains of bite-sized candy in the supermarkets, and the Trick-or-Treat thing is still a bit rocky as a concept. But you will see plenty of jack-o-lanterns, and towards the weekend and on Halloween itself you will see discreet costumes on adults (as in the photo above).

If you’re hell-bent on celebrating Halloween in Paris, then head to the Irish/English/American pubs, where they tend to do it up right. The American Embassy will probably have a to-do. And for an all-out Halloween extravaganza, head to Disneyland Paris, where the holiday is in full force.

- Contributed by Christine Cantera

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