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zzz Zen bar a sieste

Outside of ZZZ Zen in Paris - photo courtesy of the ZZZ Zen Facebook page

Finally a dream has come true – Paris now has a bar for sleeping. That might sound lame – and many people have scoffed – but I think it’s genius.

The owner of ZZZ Zen was inspired by the Asian tradition of workers catching a quick nap at work and awakening refreshed and able to work more efficiently afterwards. Some reviewers are describing it as a place for drowsy drinkers to sleep off a couple of glasses before heading into the world again – although this seems odd as it closes at 8pm.

But to me this is a gift to travelers. Visiting any city is a tiring business but Paris is especially physically demanding because there is so much to see and do and not enough hours in the day. An overload of beauty and a flagging in energy levels can lead to gently weeping into your chocolate crepe on the banks of the Seine. But not anymore.

Now when you feel tired and emotional, overwhelmed by this great city, you can climb into one of these zero-gravity chairs for 15 minutes and be refreshed enough to contemplate taking on the Louvre! Actually for the Louvre visit you might need the full 45-minute rest. They also offer shiatsu massage and hand and feet treatments.

It’s not cheap, but if you’re around town for a while you can get a membership and a hefty discount. I’ll be keeping a close eye on this place – if it catches on, I’ll be hoping to find one in every city where life is tiring.

ZZZ Zen Bar a Sieste – 29 Passage Choiseul, 75002 Paris. Metro: Pyramides.

Philippa Burne

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