Best Beaches in Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico has some fantastic coastline. Photo courtesy of Ricymar Photography(Thanks Everyone!!!!)

Puerto Rico has some fantastic coastline. Photo courtesy of Ricymar Photography

Ahh, Puerto Rico! How the wind seems to blow in off the coast of this warm beautiful island just off the coast of the U.S.! Where white sand beaches, great surf, and lounge chairs and pina coladas are the norm rather than the exception, Puerto Rico is a haven for beach-lovers worldwide. Still, the question remains: what are the best beaches in Puerto Rico?

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While there are different beaches for different things, no one can doubt the beauty and the inherent relaxation that come with some much-needed beach time. Whether you’re into surfing, isolation, great sunsets, or just lounging in the sand, here are some of the best beaches in Puerto Rico.

Boqueron Beach in the southwest corner of Puerto Rico is perhaps Puerto Rico’s best beach for rustic beauty. Lined with dunes and palm-fringed white sands, this beach is great for families looking to escape and do some nice snorkeling and sailing. The town of Boqueron is also quite nice, known for its fresh seafood and easy-go-lucky charm.

Luquillo Beach is repeatedly touted as the best family beach, which, in my book, really means best overall beach. Located just 30 miles east of the bustling center of San Juan, this beautiful crescent-shaped white-sand beach is known for its picturesque landscapes and the coral reef off the coast that breaks the ocean’s sometimes tumultuous surf making for calm waters. Great for taking pictures or just playing in the surf – this is what a tropical vacation is all about.

Surfer’s often look to Puerto Rico’s northwestern coast for the region’s best point breaks. Winter, generally, offers the best surf, and Rincon is the center of the surfing scene. Other famous surfer havens of the area include Puntas, Domes, Tres Palmas, and Playa Higuero, but be forewarned – surf here can top 16 foot waves, making you tremble in your booties.

-Hudson Hornick

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