Romantic Things To Do in San Juan

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San Juan sunset.

Few things speak to the soul like sunsets, barren white sand beaches, the rippling tide, and the indescribable charm of old towns dripping with age and culture. Thus, many say that there is little more romantic than spending an evening simply strolling the streets of Old San Juan. But if you’ve been through the old town, if you’ve seen the patina on the roofs and walls, the brightly colored buildings, the old cobblestone underfoot and are still looking for something special to do with someone special, then look no further – there are many romantic things to do in San Juan.

Consider taking a relaxing sailing trip from San Juan. With the ocean rippling underneath, you and your loved one can fall into deep relaxation watching the world float off into the distance. Combine that with some champagne and a sunset, and you’ve got quite a romantic getaway. Sailboat charters can be booked throughout San Juan. Horseback riding in San Juan can be a fun and romantic way to experience the countryside. Something about the bond with the animal, the adventure, and the physical activity makes for quite a nice ride. After all, it’s all about creating memories, is it not?

And if it’s creating memories you’re after, why not try your hand at surfing in San Juan? Braving the waves with your significant other can be quite the adventure, and nothing signifies romance like a little adrenaline and playtime in the ocean. People travel the world over to find surfing like that found in Puerto Rico, so take the advantage if you’re feeling plucky.

Quite possibly the most romantic thing to do in San Juan is to kayak Puerto Rico’s bioluminescent bays at night. You have the stillness of the ocean at night, and every time your paddle touches the water or the wake breaks over your kayak, tiny luminescent plankton glow, illuminating you and your loved one like angels floating in the blackness. Mix in the sunset and a tropical breeze, and its romance.

-Hudson Hornick


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