Rome’s Gay Village Festival

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Getting to Gay Village

Getting to Gay Village. Photo courtesy of jhillen69 via Flickr.

Never mind that the Vatican is across town or that Italy is an overwhelmingly Catholic country – there’s an enormous festival called Gay Village that sets up in Rome for 2.5 months every year.

Gay Village runs from roughly June through September (the exact dates change each year) with activities on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, for approximately 10 weeks every summer. The festival started in 2001, and includes theater and live music performances, dance parties, a film festival and even an open-air gym.

The location is subject to change, but recently it has been the Parco del Ninfeo on Via delle Tre Fontane in the EUR neighborhood of Rome. EUR is south of Rome’s center and with it’s combination of residential and business buildings, this area is not a touristy at all. You can take the metro Line B to get there – the EUR/Magliana stop is closest to the entrance, with EUR/Palasport and EUR/Fermi also being options. Several bus lines also serve the EUR, including 706, 707, 717, 765, 771, N2 and N3.

Gay Village has grown into a very popular festival, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors each summer, so if you’re planning to attend be sure to check out your transportation options early. Also pay attention to how far EUR is from central Rome – if your hotel is in Rome, make sure you can get back after hours when public transportation has shut down for the night.

Gay Village is free to enter between 8-9pm. After that, the current admission is €8 on Thursdays, €15 on Fridays and €18 on Saturdays. These prices don’t include special events, but they do include a free drink. You can find out more information on the official Gay Village website (in Italian) or Facebook page, including the dates for this year’s festival and any special concerts or events on the calendar.

- Jessica Spiegel

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