San Diego Mission Beach Boardwalk

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Mission Beach Boardwalk. Photo courtesy of eyeliam via Flickr.

Little speaks for the southern California lifestyle like the San Diego Mission Beach Boardwalk. You might call it the soul of the San Diego beach community, and that’s no small praise for a city of over a million people. This fun, expansive boardwalk fills every day with joggers, bikers, rollerbladers, and general beachgoers – essentially everyone and anyone who just wants to get out and join in the sun and fun.

What we’re talking about here is essentially just a stretch of sidewalk, but the beach flanking either side, along with the sun-filled atmosphere, the Santa Clara Point Recreation Center, the Mission Bay Aquatic Center, and all the various coves and waterways make for a great experience any time of the year.

Some highlights:

  • Riding the old-timey wooden rollercoaster in Belmont Park
  • Riding the artificial wave at the Wave house
  • Restaurants galore, from hotdog stands to brasseries
  • Water sports, such as surfing and body boarding
  • Volleyball
  • Jogging and cycling

If these options seem too busy for you, well then there’s always the sand and the boutique window shopping in the surrounding area as well. Fishing is also an option, and if you wanted to fish off the Mission Pier during your visit to Mission Beach, that’s fun too and it’s public land and not technically on the water, you can fish without a fishing license – just be sure that what you catch is permissible!

-Hudson Hornick

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