Wine Tasting in Temecula

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Vineyards in Temecula

Vineyards in Temecula. Photo credit: Renee Silverman via Flickr.

Over 35,000 acres of lush vineyards are awaiting you in the lush rolling California hills of Temecula. An old town with modern sensibilities, this beautiful retreat is for anyone looking to get away, explore some historic Californian countryside, or taste some of the Central Californian Coast’s distinctive wines.  A veritable paradise of golden rolling hills, the area is known for its beautiful landscape, its sustainable farming practices, and of course, its ability to show visitors a good time.

Temecula’s wine warm, sunny weather, combined with the ability of the region avoid excessive heat, makes for great Syrah and Grenache, and in these varietals where you can taste the earthy balance of the land upon which the grape was grown. The Robert Renzoni Winery makes an excellent choice when in the area and sampling these particular wines, and is known to be a good value for its price point. Monte do Oro is another popular wine destination, famous for its newer tasting rooms and friendly staff, while Bella Vista Winery claims to be the oldest winery in Temecula and has a healthy selection of reserve wines available.

In addition to wines, many wineries offer a sampling of local olives and olive oils grown in the region, and plenty a great afternoon can be spent just dreaming up the pairing options. One thing’s for sure, though—if you’re in Temecula and looking to experience some of the Central Californian’s best wines, you’re in the right spot.


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