Nightlife at the California Academy of Sciences

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Aquarium tunnel at California Academy of Sciences

Aquarium tunnel at California Academy of Sciences

Sometimes we’re presented with something of a problem when it comes to a night out on the town. For many of us, a night at the local watering hole doesn’t do us enough justice. It may be nice, but some nights, we’re looking for more stimulation, though nothing too raucous. Wouldn’t it be great then, if there was some sort of social outing in which attractive, intelligent people gathered and not only had a good time, but discussed issues vital to the world of today, to the world of tomorrow? With this ethos in mind, Nightlife at the Academy was born.

Every Thursday night, music, aquatic creatures and cocktails and come together at the California Academy of Sciences. Each Thursday brings together a new set of people, a new band or DJ, new talks from various experts and leaders in the field, and a unique theme help tie it all together. From salsa dancing to survival skills, every week brings new opportunities to meet people, to listen to new music, to learn something, or simply to have a cocktail and explore the stars on the roof or in the planetarium.

During your time at Nightlife you can walk the halls meeting fellow enthusiasts, or you can check out some of the exhibits and aquariums on display. It’s something akin to a day spent at a museum, but less lines, more advanced information, and the possibility of mingling and a slight alcohol-induced fog in the brain.

The event is quickly becoming San Francisco’s most popular nighttime activity. It pays to go early because the rainforest biodome closes early and the planetarium fills up with seats quickly. Still, any way you slice it—this is the night out on the town you’ve been looking for. Whether it’s dancing, mingling, or expanding your horizons, go to Nightlife at the California Academy of Sciences, located in Golden Gate Park at 55 Music Concourse Dr.

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