The Painted Ladies of San Francisco’s Alamo Square

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The Painted Ladies

The Painted Ladies and the San Francisco skyline

If you’ve ever been to San Francisco and chanced upon a day where the sun broke through the clouds and it became one of those days where you just had to get outside, you’ve probably wanted to head over to Alamo Square Park, though you may have not known it.

Alamo Square Park consists of five garden and grass-covered city blocks, and is where you can see the Painted Ladies of San Francisco, who have been permanently imprinted on the collective psyche of just about every television watching child of the late 80s. What do I mean? The Painted Ladies are otherwise known as the row of Victorian houses painted in pastel shades made popular by the hit television sitcom “Full House” and its opening shot. It is here, in the gardens overlooking the rest of the city by the bay, where one can relax and take in a full day of San Francisco sun in the park, with dogs roaming free (a San Francisco park rarity), a picnic blanket and basket in tow, and feel as if you yourself are in the midst of life’s great stage.

The park itself is located in what is known as the Alamo Square area of San Francisco, though most are more familiar with the area’s main thoroughfare, Divisadero, which divides Alamo Square from the North Panhandle (NOPA) neighborhood with its trendy bars, boutiques and bike shops.

Muni Bus Lines 5, 21, 22, and 24 service the park, and, like many notable areas in San Francisco, it is advised to utilize the public transit system as much as possible when visiting, as parking can be something of its own adventure at times…


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