Big Al’s Soup Tasting

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Visit Big Al's in Seattle for local beer and soup
- photo courtesy of the Big Al Brewing Facebook page

Come winter time in Seattle, not many things help ward off the cold like a warm bowl of soup and maybe a cup of Joe. Luckily, Seattle is known for both of these things, and through the right channels you can find either or both in rife abundance. Big Al’s Soup Tasting, however, is here to answer the calls of the wary traveler who just wants that inn-by-the-road feel. It’s here that you’ll get your pint of porter, your cup of Seattle’s Best, and a delicious bowl of soup to boot.

This blue-collar, everyman’s bar has been on the hotlist of Seattle locals for a long time. Big Al’s Brewing has been loved for its seasonal ales for some years now, but it’s typically their porter that has people raving. This beer is welcomed on many a damp and blustery Seattle night, and so one day, while sitting around the copper stills, Big Al and associates figured it would be a good idea to host a soup tasting. So now, come Sunday afternoons you’ll find soup — and plenty of it.

Locals from near and far clamor together and bring their best soups to sample. It’s something of a neighborhood vibe, and everyone is encouraged to attend, or at least to sample. There’s no fee (save your vote), no prize money, no loser, just one winner every week and plenty of soup and brew to go around.

Sounds like Seattle’s winter’s are starting to warm up!


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