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You’ll have no problem getting your caffeine fix in Seattle – photo courtesy of Frank Kehren via Flickr

Seattle might be known for its music, its weather, its evergreens, but do a simple Google search for coffee in the Seattle area and you’ve got yourself a whole different bag of wax. What this means, of course, is that Seattle has got more than its fair share of coffee spots. From the makers of Peet’s, to the boys at Starbucks, to Tully’s, to Seattle’s Best, there are plenty more waiting to fill you a hearty cup o’ Joe.

Without getting into the whole process of what makes one cup of coffee better than the next, suffice it to say, Seattle’s got the inside scoop on how to brew some good coffee. Why here? Why Seattle? Well, it’s imported, yes, but perhaps it was the long nights and the short rainy days which got local roasters thinking about making their own special blends to kick-start their morning hours. And whatever those early roasters did, they did something right. Perhaps this accounts for the fact that Seattle has ten times the national average of coffee stores per 100,000 residents.

A good rule of thumb when in the Seattle area and looking to grab a nice cup of the finest is to search for, well, anywhere in the immediate area. No, seriously, aside from the astoundingly good coffee on every other corner, a coffee cooperative is a good way to know the history of the bean. Coffee cooperatives help to cut out the middle man and deal directly with the farmers. In addition, most will roast the beans the same day you order them, greatly increasing their flavor and longevity. Pangaea Organica is a great resource for this, as is Caffe Ladro.

Whichever brand you decide to drink, it’s a hand-shake guarantee to be tasty in Seattle.


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