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Seattle might conjure up a motion of the rainy cascades or just the foggy Puget sound, and though that might not sound like your typical day at the beach, in all honesty, there’s a lot to do and see in the Pacific Northwest, and any trip to the region would be remiss without seeing something of the greater outdoors.

There are many exciting tours to hit on foot, from pub crawls to scenic stops, to gourmet heaven strolls, but the real excitement lies in exploring the neighboring Cascades. Why? Because the Cascades are the rugged mountains of your dreams. Sharp peaks overlook mossy pines, swift cutbacks reveal thousands of thin rushing waterfalls, and every now and again you’ll drive through an arcade of old growth pine canopy, see a log-cabin turned coffee shop, and have to pull over and have some of Seattle’s Finest. A number of tours are available, but the best show you the neighboring Mt Rainier, the harbor, and the whale-friendly Puget Sound. I mean, if the whales like it, it has to be good, right?

In all seriousness, these areas are local hotspots year round. The ferries and tour operators maintain a healthy business by shuttling Seattle-ites and their visitors to the animal-friendly surrounding environment where the sidewalk ends and the woods begin. So if you find yourself in the Seattle area and thinking there’s no more to the place than coffee and grunge music, lift your head up and think again. A whole world awaits!

- Hudson

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