Seattle Space Needle

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The Space Needle can be easily spotted in the Seattle skyline

Built for just $4.5 million, the Seattle Space Needle is the architectural icon of Seattle shown in just about every photograph of the skyline you’re liable to see. Built for the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair whose theme was the 21st Century, the Space Needle is not just an architectural wonder, but has helped to define Seattle’s collective psyche for a generation.

There are numerous reasons why the Space Needle is noteworthy. Construction alone was a feat of man-made will and precision. 467 cement trucks poured the Space Needle’s foundation over the course of just under 12 hours to fill its foundation, which was a gaping hole 30 feet deep and 120 feet across. Once completed, the foundation weighed as much as the Space Needle itself, thereby fixing its center of gravity just a few feet from ground level. And the elevators move the same speed as a drop of rain and faster than that of a snowflake, so should you be lucky enough to ride the elevator down during a snowstorm since it actually appears as if it is snowing upwards.

The restaurant sitting some 600 feet up, is known for good, fresh food and a view that can’t be beat. It rotates a full 360 degrees around, and is so well balanced that it requires a mere 1.5 hp electric motor to turn. This, as you might guess, gives visitors an unparalleled dining experience.

World renowned, the Seattle Space Needle serves as more than just an architectural icon, however. People are proud of it. Halloween costumes are made every year in the symbol of the Space Needle. Seattle Weekly named it the best place to get engaged. Miss Washington in the Miss USA Pageant wore a Space Needle hat in the costume portion of the event. So if you find yourself in Seattle, you can understand why people say it’s a “must do.”


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