Seattle’s Blake Island

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In the Pacific Northwest, the weather can sometimes be a pain. Known for the rain and fog, many people in Seattle seem to want to stay indoors with their favorite cup of coffee or pint of micro-brew. But if you give it a second and actually embrace what Mother Nature is offering, you just might surprise yourself with what a good time you can have.

Tillicum Village

Salmon being cooked over an alder-wood fire for dinner at Tillicum Village, Blake Island

Seattle is perched on the Puget Sound, a stunningly beautiful estuary of evergreen trees and the slow ingress and egress of the Pacific Ocean. Many a diverse and sundry day trips are available for those who wish to get out and explore the area, and perhaps none is more exciting than a visit to Tillicum Village on Blake Island State Park.

A scenic and relaxing 50-minute ferry ride from Seattle, this little island welcomes you with a path of white clam shells and dense evergreen forest.  Numerous hiking paths and over 5 miles of beaches allow you to meander or trek at your leisure. And on these walks, be prepared to see the island flora in its untouched glory; because Blake Island is a registered State Park, the trees are protected.

The area is known for their seafood, and if you’re here and want to dine in a restaurant, you shouldn’t miss the fresh clams or wild salmon. Visitors here can experience fresh salmon cooked over an alder-wood fire the Pacific Northwest Native tribal way. Still, if you’re starting to come around to the weather and the nature bug really bites, then you can consider camping out on the island and do a little campfire cooking.

After all, you have to chalk up the beauty of the place to Mother Nature’s weather patterns, and if she can make something this fantastic, it couldn’t be all bad!

- Hudson

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