Seattle’s Puget Sound

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Puget Sound with Mt Baker in the background

A short boat ride away, the Puget Sound and San Juan Islands are miles apart from the busy hustle and bustle of the city of Seattle. A mainstay for bikers, kayakers, hikers, and those just wanting a long romantic weekend, the Sound (as it’s called locally) is a beautiful treasure trove of scenic waterways and cedar rainforests divided by two-lane roads and quaint historic towns. If you’re looking to see some of Seattle surrounding landscape, or experience the much praised outdoors of the Pacific Northwest, this is the way to do it.

Most people approach the Sound by way of the Washington State Ferry, which is about a 90- minute drive north of Seattle and takes about an hour to cross into San Juan Island. This ferry ride is gorgeous, however, and viewed by many as half the fun. The Sound itself is sky blue both in the air and in the water, and the surrounding land full of dense conifers, clinging moss, and trickling waterfalls. Once back on land, the photographic sceneries abound, and the dining ranges from budget to five-star, most boasting an assortment of fresh seafood and mainly crab and oysters – a must!

There are a variety of islands to choose from here, but rest assured that wherever you venture you’re sure to have a good time and enjoy the Sound. Some of the larger islands: Whidbey, Bainbridge, Orcas, and San Juan are popular destinations as they have the most tourist accommodations, but the smaller islands are favorites of visitors just trying to get back to nature.

Whatever the desired getaway is, it’s hard to go wrong with the Sound.


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