Twilight Movie Locations in the Pacific Northwest

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Indian Beach

Indian Beach. Photo credit: penjelly via Flickr.

Let’s face it – even if you haven’t jumped on the vampire-swooning bandwagon, it’s not like the lush forests of the Pacific Northwest aren’t a beautiful trip to take anyway; so if any of your friends or family are Twi-hards (secretly or otherwise), a trip to Seattle definitely deserves a “Twilight Location” detour.

Fans know that one of the biggest emotional conflicts of the first book is the main character Bella’s tough time adjusting to a new life in Forks, Washington (since she’s from sunny Phoenix). The most important stop on a Twilight tour – a pilgrimage, if you will – should be to Forks itself, one of the rainiest places in the continental U.S. It’s atmospheric, and the drive there will get you acquainted with the misty, moody scenery that plays such a big part in the books.

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Unfortunately, the films weren’t shot there – so to visit Twilight movie locations in the Pacific Northwest, you’ll have to do one of the following from Seattle:

Drive down for first film locations.

Twilight was mostly shot in Oregon – in places such as Vernonia (stand-in for Forks), Corbett (prom scene), Indian Beach (La Push), St. Helens (stand-in for Port Angeles, some high school interiors, Bella’s house), and Portland (Cullen house, some high school interiors, dance studio). Kalama, Washington was used for high school exterior shots.

Drive up for sequels.

Vancouver was the main shooting location for the following films, like New Moon, in which most locations from the first Twilight film were recreated. Mount Seymour is where the heated conversation around the tent occurs in Eclipse. Squamish was the setting for many scenes in the recent Breaking Dawn movies.

Drive west for book locations.

Forks is almost all the way on the coast, about a three-to-four-hour trip from Seattle; drive to Edmonds and take the ferry (with your car) to Kingston, then drive through Sequim and Port Angeles (where Edward rescues Bella from the thugs and takes her to dinner). La Push (where Jacob lives) is between Forks and the beach.

Don’t forget to bring the books so you can relive the scenes while you’re there!

-Natalie Grant

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