Weird Seattle: The Fremont Troll

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The Fremont Troll

The Fremont Troll

Every city has its cultural icon. Typically this is a sports mascot (the Oregon Beavers or Detroit Lions, for example) but Seattle has got something different to brag about. The Fremont Troll (yes, a troll) was born in 1990, as part of the Fremont Arts Council’s movement to rehabilitate the area under the Aurora Bridge, which was becoming an unsightly haven for bad activity and trash dumping.

An artistic competition ensued and lo’, the Fremont Troll was born and took top honors. Though the idea of a troll living under a bridge was taken from a Scandanavian folktale and involved a goat, this troll is very much real, made of steel rebar, molded concrete, and clutches a real Volkswagen in his massive hand as if he’s just snatched it off of the freeway above him.

The Fremont Troll has since become an icon for Seattle and the suburb of Fremont, and people come from far and wide to see the fairytale namesake. Arguably the best single sightseeing spot in all of Seattle, the Fremont Toll weighs in at over 13,000lbs and looms over 18 feet high. Thus, this is no small mascot.

In order to see the Troll in person, head over to North 36th street, Seattle, Washington, 98103, right across (on the north side) from Lake Union and Portage Bay. Follow the signs and park alongside the Aurora bridge. Just don’t park too close! Word is, he’s got a hankering for nabbing cars – specifically Volkswagens.


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