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Karaoke makes for a fun night out with friends in Shanghai – photo courtesy of Tom Page via Flickr

As it is huge in most of Asia, karaoke in Shanghai is no time to mess around. When you are out with your friends or are just looking to meet some new ones, make sure you go out on the town with the knowledge of places with the best English-language tunes, drink specials and venue appeal. Here are a few that are sure-fire.

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Cash Box KTV, also known as Party World

With a nice selection of English songs, Cash Box is a reasonably priced way to have a decent night belting out our favorites. More welcoming to foreigners than a few places around town, the interior décor is modern and with great service and foods to snack on. Not so good at singing? No worries. Hi-tech machines make you sound good. Located at Fuxing Park near Nanchang Lu.

One of the most popular KTV joints around town, Party World is also one of the safest, creating a clean environment in what is a very clouded karaoke industry.

Haoledi KTV

Equipped with amazing lighting, great rooms and modern sound effects, Haoledi is also English-friendly, and if you happen to go on a night with some drink specials, it is very affordable too. With quite a few branches around town, there is one near People’s Square on the metro 1 or 2 lines.

Big Echo

Right by People’s Square, at Big Echo, you get a giant selection of music, totaling more than 30,000 songs. Most of the music covers Japanese pop music (as it is Japanese-owned) there is also a very nice selection of local foods and drinks. Another plus is that this place is open until 6am…letting the late owls howl as long as they please.

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