Petting a stingray in Stingray City, Grand Cayman.

Visiting Stingray City on Grand Cayman

If you’re cruising through the Caribbean and you have a port of call in the Cayman Islands, there is one thing that should be at the top of your to do list if you love under the sea adventures: Stingray City. Visiting Stingray City Stingray City is a sandbar located off of Grand Cayman that […]

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Kayaking down the Rio Bueno River in Jamaica.

Adventure Shore Excursions in Jamaica

If you’re looking for some adventures when sailing to Jamaica on a cruise, you’re in luck. A day in port in Jamaica provides many opportunities for excitement and adventure. To make the most of your time in port, opt for a shore excursion that conveniently picks you up from your ship and provides a guarantee to have you back to your cruise ship before it departs. Here are a few of the most adventurous shore excursions you can do while in Jamaica.

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June 27, 2014 by

Where to Shop in Antigua and Barbuda

Find some excellent duty-free shopping in Antigua and Barbuda.

Sun, sand and…shopping. Cruisers who have a day in port in Antigua and Barbuda probably already know they’ll experience some sun and sand. What you might not be aware of is the shopping you can do on Antigua. A cruise through the Caribbean doesn’t mean having to give up any cosmopolitan shopaholic tendencies you may have, particularly thanks to the duty free shopping options in Antigua. Here is where to shop when you have a day in port in Antigua and Barbuda.

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June 20, 2014 by

Culinary Activities in Puerto Rico

Try Puerto Rico's excellent cuisine, like the savory and sweet mallorca.

Puerto Rico is full of spice, both when it comes to the culture and to the food. Conveniently, one of the best ways to understand a culture while traveling is to learn about the local people’s dining customs. While in Puerto Rico, a culinary activity is a fun, informative ways to learn about the food […]

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Discovering Colonial Jamaica

Falmouth, home to colonial Jamaica.

Jamaica is a large western Caribbean island that is rich in history and culture. Remnants of the colonial part of this history can still be found around the island.

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Animal Encounters in the Bahamas

Shark sightings in the Bahamas.

One of the best ways to see sea life is on a snorkeling excursion. The Bahamas Snorkel Adventure shore excursion picks you up straight from your ship while docked in Nassau and takes you to a local snorkel spot for a leisure snorkel swim followed by a visit to a snorkel spot known for having shark sightings, making it quite the adventure indeed. If swimming with sharks isn’t your thing, you can stay in the boat for this portion and watch the shark feeding from the boat later.

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Cuisine in Turks and Caicos

The shores of Turks and Caicos - home to fish and other delicious cuisine.

Turks and Caicos is a gorgeous island in the southern Caribbean surrounded by teal sea water and teeming with sandy beaches. Natural beauty isn’t all it’s known for, though. Turks and Caicos is also home to an eclectic array of food and culinary options. Cruise visitors to the island may be short on time, but […]

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Family-Friendly Shore Excursions in Jamaica

Jamaica Sunset

Jamaica is an excellent Caribbean island for families to visit. When visiting the island as part of a Caribbean cruise, you have many family-friendly shore excursion options to choose from to spend your day in port. Here are some of the top family-friendly shore excursions from various Jamaica port towns.

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Water Activities in St Maarten

St. Maarten

The island of St Maarten / St Martin is a co-inhabited island (Dutch on the St Maarten side and French on the St Martin side) of pure Caribbean bliss with lapping sea waters at its shores to prove it. Most cruise ships dock in St Maarten, though both sides of the island can easily be visited while in port. While St. Maarten / St. Martin has colorful seaside towns and lush vegetation inland that help to make it a popular cruise port, you’ll find some of the most idyllic parts of the island off its shores with these water activities on fun shore excursions.

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April 9, 2014 by

Best Things to Do in St Kitts and Nevis for Adventurers

Saint Kitts

St Kitts and its small neighboring island Nevis are two of the most gorgeous islands in the Caribbean. Sandy beaches, turquoise waves and stately beach towns greet you when you arrive in St Kitts and Nevis for a cruise. However, it’s not all relaxation on the island – you can also find a lot of action-packed activities that are ideal for adventurers to do while spending a day in St Kitts and Nevis.

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