Day Trip to Bintan Island

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Coast of Bintan Island

Coast of Bintan Island. Photo courtesy of yummiec00kies via Wikipedia.

Though not technically among the holdings of the Singaporean city-state, the Indonesian island of Bintan is less than an hour away by boat, and makes an excellent destination for adventurous day-trippers. The following suggestions for a day trip to Bintan cover some of the most popular activities and sites available to tourists.


Plentiful and affordable, deliciously prepared seafood dishes are one of the main perks of a day trip to Bintan. Though facilities may occasionally appear unseemly, the fare is typically high quality and the service is cheerful and brisk.


Thinking in a similar vein, one of the best ways to experience island culture is to rent a Kelong: a stilt house built by local fishermen. Kelongs are great places to cast a line or simply relax and enjoy the bounty ensnared by local operators while you take in the relaxing atmosphere over the water.

Tanjung Pinang

The capital of the Riau Islands, Tanjung Pinang is Bintan’s largest city. There are numerous temples, monuments, and sites of historical architecture which are accessible several times a day from one of Singapore’s larger ferry terminals.


The most popular recreational area on the island is a group of beaches along Bintan’s northeastern edge: known collectively as Trikora. Beachcombers and backpackers can take advantage of relatively cheap food and lodging, all while soaking up some sun. Note: water can be murky and the waves can be unpredictable, so be careful when swimming.

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