Promenading Singapore’s Southern Ridges

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Singapore's Southern Ridges trail winds through nature
- photo courtesy of Acroamatic via Flickr

Highlighting the vivid contrast between the dense urbanity of modern Singapore and the lush natural beauty that exists within and around it, the extended trail that follows the band of jungle-covered ridges that stretch across the western half of the city is a great way for visitors to access the natural world quickly and easily.

Connected by a series of bridges that soar above highways, ravines, and even the treetops themselves, the trail consists of four parks. Ironically, the greenway is one of the best places to observe the combination of ultramodern elegance and grotesque sterility of the city’s skyline.

The trail is well maintained and mildly graded, so the entire length is suitable for all ages and abilities. Motorized vehicles, bikes, roller skates (and blades), etc. are all banned, and it’s possible make the journey from end to end in less than 3 hours if you maintain a good clip. More advisable is a casual stroll that allows for plenty of quiet contemplation and relaxation.

West Coast Park is popular with picnicking families, but lacks much in the way of views. Kent Park is situated at the end of a heritage trail, and features a small war museum in a colonial bungalow commemorating the last major battle before Singapore’s surrender in WWII. From here, a 280-meter canopy trail passes through the upper layers of the jungle, with helpful signs describing the flora and fauna. Perhaps the most beautiful section of the trail is the stretch approaching Mount Faber from the west.

- John Reality

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