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When packing your bag for Singapore, don’t forget to pack some comfortable shoes, a credit card and a hefty amount of determination to tackle the shopper’s paradise that is this small city-country. Shopping in Singapore is exploding with the latest and greatest Asian and worldwide fashion and accessories, so some artful planning is necessary before diving headfirst into the bright lights and boutiques.

For the inexperienced shopper, hit one of the “everything-under-the-sun” malls Singapore is famous for. Takashimya Shopping Center and Vivocity, Singapore’s largest, have stores selling simply everything anyone could ever need or – more likely – want.

Exterior of Vivocity

Exterior of Vivocity. Photo courtesy of Terence on Wikimedia Commons.

Air-conditioned malls also offer a more comfortable alternative to pounding the pavement of one of the world’s most famous shopping strips Orchard Road. Bespoke boutiques and the absolute latest and greatest fashion trends cram the long road. A fair amount of rifling through wares on offer will undoubtedly turn up a rare gem for even the most discerning of fashionistas.

Or take is slow in Stamford House, preserved since its construction in 1904, this mall offers an other-worldly charm, providing dose of heritage as well as a retail experience.

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Alternatively, jump to the other end of the socioeconomic spectrum and descend into the Sungei Road Thieves Market. The jumble sale of used items peddled by Singaporeans is a sneak peak at the very well hidden under-belly of the spotless city.

Plan your shopping adventures around how much time you truly have and remember, in Singapore’s expansive malls, however long you think you will take – double it!

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