Singapore F1 Grand Prix

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Night race at the Singapore Grand Prix

Night race at the Singapore Grand Prix. Photo courtesy of williamcho via Flickr.

Among the FIA Formula One motor race locations, the Singapore F1 Grand Prix rivals the most famous and well-established races, even the world famous event held at Monaco each year. The races are more popular in Europe and elsewhere than they are in the US, but American travelers who find themselves in Singapore during the month of September should make a point of taking in at least a passing glimpse of this extraordinary spectacle.

As early as 1961, the race was known as the Orient Year Grand Prix, and was renamed the Malaysian Grand Prix the following year. It gained its lasting moniker after Singapore gained its independence in 1965. It was discontinued during the oil crisis in the early 1970s, and then resurrected in 2008. The first race at the Marina Bay location was won by Spanish driver Fernando Alonso, and the Renault team continues to be a major force in the field of current competitors.

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Tickets to the races are easily obtainable, and the pricing options are a veritable spectrum for everyone from the hoi polloi to the very wealthy.

The Marina Bay Street Circuit is a little over three miles long, and it’s harbour side location is similar in style and aesthetic to the course at Monaco and the Valencia Street Circuit in Spain’s third-largest city.

There have been some concerns about the proximity of the course to other tracks in the region, but most fears have been ignored in light of the popularity of the venue with locals and tourists alike.

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