Traditional Foods to Try in Singapore

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Singapore has one of the most unique and interesting cuisines in all of Asia. Sporting some of the most colorful dishes you will ever see, the small country utilizes a surprisingly large array of ingredients to spice up the flavor of traditional dishes.

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The first thing to know about foods to try in Singapore is that it, like its population, is a diverse mix deriving from cultures from all around the world. Probably the most popular foods there take the form of prepared sea fare.

They might be a bit of work to eat, but crabs are a Singaporean staple. Grab your cracker and enjoy cooked crabs basted with a black pepper sauce, or in a thick tomato and chili gravy. Spicy is the name of the game in traditional Singaporean, so prepare your palate.

Singapore chili crab photo courtesy of Chris Chen on Flickr

Singapore chili crab photo courtesy of Chris Chen on Flickr

Another favorite is nasi lemak, a rice dish made from cooking rice in coconut milk and serving it with a variety dishes such as laksa, a spicy Peranakan dish consisting of prawns, eggs and fishcake in noodles.

A lot of Singaporean dishes will also offer takes on regional cuisines, using beef or chicken in noodle dishes slathered in delicious peanut sauce.

For a greener dish, rojak is a Singaporean salad using bean sprouts, greens, tau pok, peanuts, you tiao and pineapple tossed in a prawn paste.

With regard to drinks, Singaporeans enjoy various teas and bubble teas with ginger, or rose syrup, or condensed milk, or coffee; black, or with condensed milk.

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