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One of Daniel Estheras' images

Madrid is sunshine, culture, atmosphere, tapas… and Inbox 12. Inbox 12 is a unique postcard publication where you receive 12 illustrated cards by local artists designed to celebrate their favourite places in the city. Even if you can’t visit in person, take a moment to enjoy these special places in Madrid through the gorgeous drawings. If you’re there, you can go on a trek to visit in person, although some works are based on intimate personal spaces, others will be possible to find if you look in the right places.

The postcard format gives an entry into a place you don’t know already, giving the chance to experience through the sender’s eyes and imagine the story behind their words on the card. Inbox 12 features places meaningful to the artists, although they may not appear in travel guides, they have a direct link to the spirit of Madrid. The project is also a fanzine and publication to collect, arriving in your mailbox with a sense of magic amidst the bills.

Illustrations by the artists include Elena Hormiga, who finds poetry in the daily objects of the table and kitchen, being inspired by their isolated shapes and recreating them into new scenes in her own personal style.  Raquel Aparicio draws on different kinds of works, inspired by books, exhibitions and other artists. Daniel Estheras creates a beautiful vintage feel in his collages that give a sense of nostalgia to the streets and events he creates with visual materials found in antique shops. Mar Blanco looks at her images as grains of sand in the mountain of the huge world of visuals, where her dream is to continue doing what makes her feel alive, and with her work she hopes to make someone smile. José Manuel tries to introduce light into his watercolors to bring the flesh and energy of the human figure to light, showing the intimacy of everyday scenes in the exchange of glances between drawing and observer.  He shows everyday scenes with kind of intimacy and reflects a sweeping atmosphere and the exchange glances between drawing and observer. Enjoy stepping into these artists’ world as you travel the streets of Madrid through their eyes.

-Jodi Rose

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