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The ‘Turning Torso’ Tower in Malmo – photo courtesy of Matthew In Ham via Flickr

A short ride across the Öresund Bridge from Copenhagen to Sweden and you’re in Malmö, a cosmopolitan city with a dramatically revitalized post-industrial energy. Once a run-down harbor area, the seafront is now bristling with life and architecture, notably the landmark ‘Turning Torso’ building which appears to twist into the ground and sky above the seaside cityscape packed with cafes bars and restaurants.

My favourite place is the seaside sauna, Ribersborg Kallbadhus (seawater bathing facility) at the end of the pier, where you can look out at Denmark across the water. Nude bathing, a solarium and massage complete the experience. Wander along the beach to West Harbour (Västra Hamnen) on your right for stunning views of the 8km Öresund Bridge, especially from Luftkastellet lookout point.

The cultural scene is remarkably strong, with the Art Museum and Museum of Natural History both in the well preserved Renaissance castle Malmöhus. Exhibitions of 20th Century Nordic Art and from the 16th Century give the visitor a deeper insight into Nordic culture, while in the basement of the Natural History museum you can see live amphibians, electric eels and piranhas… eeek!

Away from the castle, Malmö Konsthall is a stunning building with a fantastic collection of contemporary and modern art, and you’ll be met by Rauschenberg’s ‘the Goat’ at the Moderna Museet Malmö – who could not like that!

Culture inevitably makes me hungry, and where better to refuel than the Möllevången, an area famed for it’s multicultural gastronomic scene, with restaurants and delis from all over the culinary world. Malmö is the centre of Skåne, famed for first class fish and seafood from the Baltic and North Atlantic. Classic Skåne delicacies include smoked eel, fried goose and egg cakes which can be enjoyed in the many traditional restaurants and inns, both in Malmö and further afield across the Skåne countryside.

-Jodi Rose

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