Celebrating the Holidays in Stockholm Like a Swede

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Christmas Lights in Sweden. Photo courtesy of Giåm via Flickr.

Christmas Lights in Sweden. Photo courtesy of Giåm via Flickr.

Stockholm is a magic place at Christmas time. If you really want to get a true Christmas feeling, visit Stockholm during the month of December. If you are lucky, it might be a snowy white Christmas!

Here are just a few of the many great ways to celebrate the holidays in Stockholm:

1. Take a stroll in the medieval lanes and cobbled stoned alleys of the Old Time and you will feel like you are in a fairy tale. Every window, of both offices and homes, is lit with stars and chandeliers which makes the whole city a beautiful scene. The city of Stockholm also contributes of course, and each year the lights decorating the streets are more magnificent than during the previous years.

2. Listen to the sounds of Christmas. In the many churches around town there are Christmas concerts with amazing choirs, as after all, Sweden is the country with most choirs in the world.

3. See how Swedes used to celebrate Christmas in old times at the amazing Skansen Folk Museum, the world’s first and still the biggest. Do as all the Swedes do and taste a traditional “julbord,” a Christmas buffet, with meatballs, pickles herrings, smoked salmon and many more delicacies.

4. Go Christmas shopping! The city is full of traditional Christmas markets that offer hand-made Christmas decorations and other perfect gifts.

5. Take a beautiful December walk over the frozen lake Mälaren in the middle of the city, or take a break to enjoy the flavors of Christmas; ginger breads and the Swedish mulled wine called glögg. Go ice-skating in the Kings Garden or visit one of the many palaces and castles in and around Stockholm for a royal Christmas vibe.

The holidays are a great time to take a Stockholm Photography and Sightseeing Tour!

6. Visit the fantastic City Hall, Stockholm’s most famous building. But December 10th will be difficult to get in. Then the Blue Hall and the Golden Hall is reserved for the Nobel Prize Laureates and the Royal Family, since this is where they have the Nobel Prize Banquet with 1,300 people invited!

7. Take a Christmas cruise out to the archipelago of Stockholm. There are 30,000 islands and islets in one of Europe’s most beautiful landscapes. And of course, around Christmas you can also visit one of the more than 80 museums in Stockholm.

Special dates to visit Stockholm around Christmas time:

Every Sunday in December is called Advent and is especially celebrated, with concerts, candles everywhere and of course, endless Christmas shopping on the agenda!

December 10th – Nobel Prize Ceremony

The whole week around this date is reserved for the special festivities around the Nobel Prize. Seminars, banquets and special events make this a special time to be in Stockholm

December 13th – Santa Lucia

This is a very special day when we celebrate Santa Lucia. She is the Queen of Light that brings hope to the darkest times of year. She wears a crown of candles and a white crown, and she enters with a procession of boys and girls also dressed in white, singing beautiful Christmas hymns. You can watch this unique Swedish tradition at the many churches in town, or in any Swedish home or office! But you have to be early, Santa Lucia comes in the morning when it is still light.

December 24th – Christmas Eve

In Sweden we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. This is when Santa Claus comes, and is a time to spend with the family.

-Åsa Danielsson

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