Royal Coin Cabinet: History of the Coin

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Exhibit at Royal Coin Cabinet

Exhibit at Royal Coin Cabinet. Photo courtesy of Abaransk via Flickr.

Located in central Stockholm, opposite the Royal Palace, Sweden‘s Royal Coin Cabinet is one of the country’s oldest museums. It gives visitors an inside look at the history of the coin and is dedicated to maintaining a national registry of coin hoards. A visit to the Royal Coin Cabinet results in a greater understanding of not only the historical study of coins, but also finance. Through its large collection of more than 600,000 objects, the Cabinet includes exhibits of coins from around the world, banknotes, piggy banks, and more. Highlights of the collection include the oldest Swedish coin, some of the Lohe treasure which was found in 1937 in Gamla Stan, and Nobel Prize medals. It also includes a copper plate coin which dates all the way back to 1644, during the time of Queen Christina’s reign. Some of the coins in the collection date back to the 1570s.

Aside from the permanent exhibitions, there are also temporary exhibits, a special museum for children to enjoy, and a restaurant with outdoor seating to take in the warmer temperatures in the spring and summer. Admission is SEK 80 for adults, and free for children 18 and under.

-Diana Edelman

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