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We’ve come a long way from boat shoes, and tie-dye skirts, and in Sweden eco designers are creating elegant styles in sustainable materials for the über-conscious consumer. Whatever shade of green you’re into – green furniture, green hiking, green fashion – Swedish design is forests ahead!

T-Shirt Chair by Maria Westerberg - Photo courtesy of Green Furniture Sweden

Eco Fashion
Why is Scandinavia so good at green design and what’s made it so popular? Unlike the majority of fashion markets, Scandinavia’s fashion councils are making centralised efforts to boost green design in the industry as a whole, rather than just focusing on dedicated individual eco-designers. NICE or “Nordic Initiative Clean and Ethical”, is a Scandinavia-wide initiative aiming to boost sustainability, highlighting social and ecological issues in the fashion industry. Not only do Swedish designers’ pieces display the famous Scandinavian flair for design, they also make use of natural, ethically sourced fabrics or use vintage material and offcuts. Scandinavia’s designers cater to all tastes and price ranges, while ‘green fashion’ – locally made from locally grown textiles – isn’t seen as a niche but simply an obvious choice. Eco-fashion now is as good for your wardrobe as it is for the planet.

Eco Furniture
Celebrating “Outstanding Sustainable Design”, the Green Furniture Award shows more than just the latest trends, furniture with the potential to become classic, incorporating the choice and sourcing of material, production methods, and recycling. I like the leaf lamp and t-shirt chair.

Eco Hiking
Isn’t it always, you ask? Well this is uber-green hiking with class. Join the Fjällräven Classic – a 100 km trek in the Lapland mountains of Sweden and a folk festival for young and old, experienced mountain foxes and curious beginners. “We know you will enjoy reaching out to the wilderness, but in the best moments the wilderness will be reaching out to you. When you least expect it.”

Eco Design
“The best way to predict the future is to design it” said inventor and designer Buckminster Fuller, architect and futurist best known for his utopian geodesic dome. The No Kak! Eco Design Showcase is an exhibition of young South African and Swedish designs on the interpretation of ‘home’, to promote cleaner, healthier interactions between people and planet, in sustainable style. Exhibition open until 30 October 2011, in Malmö Museum Slottsholmen, Scandinavia’s oldest surviving Renaissance castle.

- Jodi Rose

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