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Multitudes of chocolate

Multitudes of chocolate

Chocolate-lovers will delight in the multitude of factories, chocolatiers, and specialty shops that call the heart of Switzerland home. While the possibilities are seemingly endless, here are a few suggestions about where to start your search for chocolate in Zurich.

If it’s hot chocolate you’re craving, head over to Péclard at Café Schober, where you will find rich hot cocoa topped with deliciously decadent, lush whipped cream. They also carry a variety of truffles, French macarons, and other desserts.

Confiserie Sprüngli. dating back the nineteenth century, is home to the famous Lindt truffles. This famous institution offers a factory tour that includes a trip through their in-house chocolate museum. If you’re not in the mood for a walking tour, head over to Bahnhofstrasse and visit the Sprüngli café for a cocoa-dusted truffle cake and other gourmet chocolate delights.

While you can be sure to find good truffles almost anywhere in the city, the chocolatier Teuscher is your best bet. Be sure to try their champagne truffle, which is as decadent and lovely as it sounds. You might also sample the Green Fairy truffle at Beschle. These absinthe-infused treats are sure to please and surprise even the most knowledgeable chocolate aficionado.

If you’re hot to do a little shopping, Kilchberg is just what the doctor ordered. You can sample the wares at the Lindt & Sprungli Chocolate Factory and take home some of the best that the Swiss chocolate industry has to offer.

- John Reality

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