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Schloss Hallwyl in Hallwil, Switzerland. Photo courtesy of marius.zierold via Flickr.

Schloss Hallwyl in Hallwil, Switzerland. Photo courtesy of marius.zierold via Flickr.

Switzerland is known for breathtaking views, and Lake Hallwil and its surrounds have a lot to offer tourists looking to soak up some stunning scenery, Swiss culture, and recreation at prices that can be relatively affordable. Zoning restrictions have prevented construction along the banks of the lake, leaving it, and the lovely countryside around it, unmarred by entrepreneurs more interested in turning a profit than preserving the views. Many couples in search of a romantic setting come to Meisterschwanden on the lake’s eastern shore for no other reason than to take in the sunset. That said, there is a great deal more to do and see in and around the lake. The following are a few that come highly recommended.

1) Cruising

First and foremost, the 100-year-old Lake Hallwil Shipping Company has a small but well-appointed fleet of motor cruisers that offer affordable tours daily, as well as themed tours scheduled to coincide with Christmas, weddings, and Sunday brunches.

2) Storming the castle

The lake is home to its very own medieval castle, which, apart from being a noteworthy fortification (functioning moat/drawbridge and all!), offers a number of seasonal heritage exhibitions. The nearby Schloss Heidegg castle near Lake Baldegger is easily accessible by rail.

3) Hiking

The area around the lake is a wonderful area in which to stretch one’s legs. There is a lovely foot path that leads from the lake to the castle, and the lake’s perimeter is encircled by a 12.5 mile path, from which it is possible to board passing boats pursuing a wide variety of water sports.

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