Brewery Tours in Sydney

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Brewery Tours in Sydney

Brewery Tours in Sydney

A common conception about Australians involves their love of beer, and this conception rings true in many ways. Australian beer love is regional with certain beers being preferred in different states. Even the way you order a beer across the country varies depending on the location: Do you want a pot, a pint, a schooner or a middy?

Regardless of this intense beer love, the big city of Sydney is severely lacking in a good tourist attraction: the brewery tour. After doing research for this piece, the following are a few viable options for brewery tours in Sydney.

Tooheys in Lidcombe

The suburb of Lidcombe, about 13 miles away from Sydney city, is where you will find the Tooheys headquarters and brewery. Founded in the 1860s, Tooheys would be considered the traditional local beer in Sydney – now operating under both the Tooheys and Hahn labels. Sources say a brewery tour appointment must be made by phone

Lord Nelson Brewery in the Rocks

The Lord Nelson Brewery, a microbrewery to be precise, has provided back of the house brewery tours for special events in the past, so it doesn’t hurt to get in touch if interested in learning more about this establishment. Being Sydney’s oldest licensed pub, established in 1841, you can be sure to learn about both the in-house beers and its history.

In the same sense, a few other microbreweries exist in Sydney that don’t promote brewery tours, but may be willing to provide a lesson or two to visitors of keen interest. Paddy’s Brewery, for example, seems quite proud of their premium hand crafted natural beer selection. Otherwise, craft beer appreciation sessions can be investigated at such locations at the Schwartz Brewery Hotel or the Red Oak Boutique Beer Cafe.

- Brooke Schoenman

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