How to Rent an Apartment in Sydney

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Accommodations in Sydney

Accommodations in Sydney. Photo courtesy of Richard Moross via Flickr.

Trips to Sydney come in all shapes and sizes; so while a hostel or hotel will suffice for many holidays and longer-term stays, the popularity of renting an apartment is growing. There are 3 main types of apartment categories for visitors to consider: short-term, medium-term and long-term. Figuring out how to rent an apartment in Sydney has a different procedure, those of which we’ll lay out briefly below.

Short-term apartment rentals

For the sake of this article, we are referring to short-term rentals as extremely short-term, anywhere from a single night to a couple of weeks. For these options, you are most likely looking to book into a serviced apartment or a sublet from an existing owner that either 1) has an extra room, or 2) is out on holiday.

These stays will most likely be furnished, so it is perfect for the casual traveler or business person.

Some resources include:

  • People rent out a room or flat at a nightly rate.
  • Sydney Gumtree: More likely to find a sublet of a few weeks by owner on holiday.

For Airbnb, one simply needs to book the room online, but finding a temporary place on Gumtree may involve meeting the person first and supplying a deposit.

Medium-term apartment rentals

Medium-term apartment rentals range from 1 to 6 months, and they would most likely appeal to slow travelers or working holiday makers. These apartments will tend to be unfurnished, or mildly furnished, but if you’re lucky, you might find a good sublease from someone heading out on a long overseas trip with a fully equipped pad to rent.

Some resources include:

  • I would only recommend for the shorter end of this scale as the rates can be a bit high over long periods of time.
  • Furnished Property: Specifically targeted to working holiday makers staying from 1-6 months.
  • Sydney Gumtree: Search for subleases and medium-term rental apartments.
  • It is generally harder to find a lease for less than 6 months on this site.
  • Flatmate Finder: This is a great resource for those that need an apartment short-term, but also want to share the costs with someone else.

For most of the options above, the search will involve apartment viewings, flatmate meet-ups, deposits and applications. When making inquiries, especially for desirable subleases, it is best to be ready for viewings immediately after inquiring. Dozens, or hundreds, of other people might be looking for a place at the same time, and if a person arrives before you and loves it, then you may miss out.

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Long-term apartment rentals

Long-term rentals are for longer than 6 month stays, for the sake of this article. These rentals work best for working holiday makers, those on extended business trips, and expats on sponsored work visas.

Some resources include:

  • Great for long-term rentals. Find appealing apartments and make an appointment for viewing.
  • Flatmate Finder: For those looking to share the cost of an apartment by sharing with others.
  • Sydney Gumtree: All rental types can be found on Gumtree.

The process will typically involve an application with a rental agency or owner after a viewing. For the application, you should provide references, along with proof of income or employment. While still important to be quick to the draw, there is more of a screening process involved with longer-term rentals to help even the playing field.

Tips for Renting an Apartment in Sydney

Know your area - Are you traveling and want to be close to the city? Do you need to live closer to work? Choose an area and narrow down searches to there.

Know your price - In Sydney city, I would say a room in an apartment for under $200 AUD per week is hard to find, or the place is rarely nice. If price is an issue, search in the further out suburbs close to good public transport.

Make quick decisions – Once looking, you will need to make decisions fairly quickly, process applications and put deposits down in a timely manner so as to not lose out on an opportunity. Sydney is a big city, after all.

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