Sydney at Christmas

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Christmas in Sydney

No snow in a Sydney Christmas. Photo courtesy of Mike Knell via Flickr.

Christmas time in Sydney seems to be the far from the stories told in books, movies and carols. Occurring during the sweltering summer months in Australia, Sydney at Christmas does not see snow and the traditional activities, like drinking eggnog in fuzzy sweaters, do not occur.

That said, Sydney at Christmas is the perfect destination for those who want a sunny getaway in the middle of winter. With average December temperatures reaching into the 80s, homes empty out as families head outdoors to barbecues and beaches. In other words: It’s a Christmas that could potentially not feel like Christmas for a tourist!

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Besides being in an atypical climate for Christmas, Sydney tries its best at getting into the spirit for at least the month prior to the actual holiday. Events like Christmas on the Green, Carols in the Domain and the Martin Place tree lighting ceremony all bring the city together with a festive mood. Christmas wreathes, mistletoe and pine trees make their appearances in shopping malls and local businesses, and some Sydney neighborhoods even go as far as decorating their houses in lights.

Sydneysiders tend to be on holiday in the Christmas season. In fact, the majority of businesses close for the two weeks around Christmas and New Years, and it is not uncommon for many Australians to be traveling either to or from Sydney during this time as well.

Typical Christmas Day activities include a cold family lunch (seafood, cold ham) or an outdoor barbecue, and a trip to the beach – particularly Bondi Beach which turns into an international Christmas celebration with up to 40,000 travelers congregating from all over the world. As it is one of the busiest beach days of the year, it is also one of the most dangerous, so be sure to follow beach safety rules and be on your best behavior!

- Brooke Schoenman

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