Sydney Film Festivals

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Sydney Film Festival

Sydney Film Festival. Photo courtesy of Newtown grafitti via Flickr.

Given the diverse cultural backgrounds of those living in the city of Sydney, and an overall love of being creative (or at least trying to be more creative than Melbourne), the film festival speaks to the public and presents itself across several popular events every year.

Sydney Film Festival

Established in 1954, the Sydney Film Festival is the oldest of its kind in Sydney with a popularity that draws in attention worldwide. The festival takes place annually for 12 days each June at venues across the city. Entries include documentaries, short films, animations and other features.


The short film festival, Tropfest, started off small – in a cafe, actually, for a crowd of just 200 people. Now, it is considered one of the worlds largest festivals for films under 7 minutes in length, and the event takes place each February to a live crowd reaching around 150,000 in number.


Flickerfest takes place on world-famous Bondi Beach each year in January. The short film festival even holds Academy Award-accreditation and winners tour the country of Australia afterwards.

Bondi Short Film Festival

Although small, the Bondi Short Film Festival is great for amateur filmmakers, although it must be noted that quality tends to increase significantly each year. It takes place annually in November for only a single day, and films are judged and awarded in four categories:  Best Film, Best Music, Best Cinematography and Best Actor.

Sydney Underground Film Festival

For art house and experimental films, both from Australia and abroad, the annual Sydney Underground Film Festival is the venue. The goal of the event remains providing a forum for filmmakers producing art that is beyond the mainstream.

Popcorn Taxi

Founded in 1999, the main factor making Popcorn Taxi different from other film festivals is its ability to bring a discussion directly to the filmmakers at the screening. The festival features short films and documentaries, as well as feature length pieces from local and international filmmakers.

Sydney film festivals range in size and popularity, and new ones are popping up every year. The Lebanese Film Festival will be having its inaugural event late summer of 2012, and the Korean Film Festival in Australia will be having its 3rd annual event in Sydney later this summer as well.

- Brooke Schoenman

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